Healthy CookingWhile some people mistake healthy cooking for expensive cooking, others think you have to be a professional chef to be able to make something delicious and healthy from your kitchen. This is definitely not true as you can make healthy food from the basic cooking skills you already have. It only requires using the right ingredients in the right proportion and you can be certain of providing yourself and family lovely and healthy meals irrespective of the time of the day.
The simple tips and techniques discussed below cover virtually all kind of recipes whether you thinking of breakfast recipes, lunch recipes, or even making excellent dinner for you and your loved ones.


Virtually every food can be baked, from seafood to vegetables, poultry and even fruits. This is of course contrary to the popular notion that only desserts and breads should go into the oven. The healthy cooking option here when you bake is to avoid using fat. You can bake a food by placing it in a pan and surrounding it by hot, dry air of the oven.


Not too many people will do braising for their meals. This is however a healthy and delicious cooking technique. It simply means browning or searing as it is sometimes called of the ingredient in a pan, after which the ingredient is cooked partially covered with little liquid which could either be water or broth. In some cases especially dinner recipes, the liquid used in the cooking is later used for sauce which is by the way nutritious and very delicious.

Cooking with herbs and spices

Since the ultimate goal of a healthy cooking technique is to reduce the salt and fat added to a meal as much as possible without necessarily taking away the taste of the food, adding spices and herbs is a very effective way of achieving this aim while the aroma and taste of the is retained.
While dried herbs should be added in the early stages of the cooking, fresh herbs are best added just before the cooking ends.

Broiling and grilling

One of the somewhat disadvantages of grilling and broiling especially for persons that are not familiar with the healthy way of doing this is the exposure of the food to direct heat. For persons that grill outdoors, it is best to place the food on the rack of the grill with a bed of charcoal embers or gas-heated rock below the rack. Indoor grillers are advised to follow the instruction of the manufacturer when using the grill. When grilling smaller items, it is best advised that foil or long handled grill basket is used to ensure pieces of the food do not slip through the grill rack.
Broiling would usually follow the same process described above. One excellent benefit of broiling and grilling is that fat can be removed from the food.


Roasting goes just like baking only that the temperature here is higher. The dry heat of the oven is used in cooking the food just like in the case of baking. There is the option of either using the baking sheet or roasting pan for roasting the foods. It is best to roast foods placing a rack inside the roasting pan to allow the fat drip away from the food as you roast.
It is very important that you do not overcook the food.


Poaching means to simmer the ingredients in a flavorful liquid like broth, wine or vinegar until the ingredients are cooked through and tender. In some cases, water is used to simmer the ingredients.
For persons that would love stove-top poaching, the pan to be used should fit the size and shape of the food to be poached in order to reduce the amount of liquid to be used to be barest minimum.


The name of the cooking technique says a lot about the process. It is traditionally Asian and it involves the frying of small pieces of food in a large nonstick frying pan. The distinct feature of this frying technique is that the food is rapidly stirred as the frying is going on. Here, only little oil is needed, making it a very healthy cooking method.

The cooking techniques mentioned above are just some of the many techniques that can be used for any kind of recipes including salad recipes. Other healthy cooking techniques include sautéing and steaming.